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Speak to Keith Michaels re insurance, used them for 10 years, got numerous cross quotes and they haven't yet been beaten. the premium on our MR2 dropped from 370-250 this year!

Right then insurance.
Typically worked out on the following;
Value of the car/cost to replace
Desirability - likelyhood of thieft
Security features
Location it is kept
Type of useage
Cost to repair/parts and labour
Age of driver
Driver(s) driving history - accidents, colaims, convictions, etc.

take these into consideration and the likelyhood is a convertable is going to cost more to insure.

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Remember, with insurance, as with most things, you tend to get what you pay for - and until you have to make a claim, all you get is a piece of paper, so it's only when you really need the insurance that you find out who good or bad it is.

Things to consider:

If the car is stolen and not found, do they start processing the claim straight away and aim to get you a settlement cheque within 5 working days? Or, as some insurers do, is it their policy to wait for four weeks to see if the car is found, before then spending another 2 or 3 weeks processing the claim, and only then paying out?

Courtesy cars - do they provide one free of charge whilst your car is being repaired? Or only if you use their choice of repairer? Is it available if your car is deemed beyond economical to repair? Is it available if your car is stolen and missing? Will it be a class A car (Peugeot 107, Ford Ka, etc) or something the size of car you own?

Changes to your policy - will they charge an admin fee for any changes, (plus of course the change in premium arising from the change in your circumstances). Do they charge for a duplicate certificate if you lose yours?

When you make a claim, is their ethos to make it as painless as possible, as long as they're convinced it's not a fradulent claim? Or, is it their policy to make it as hard as possible to claim, so that some people just give up?

If your car is delcared a total loss, and you are offered the "market value" as a settlement, which value are they offering you? The price you would pay at a dealership for a similar car? The private sale price? The price you could pick up a similar car at an auction? Or the price you would get if you were trading your car in at a dealership (and how on earth are you supposed to buy a car at that price if you're not "in the trade"?)?

All things to consider, and one reason why I myself avoid Lloyds syndicates insurers, as they have no brand name to protect and so have some very hard-nosed, customer-unfriendly practices.

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this may not be what your asking but i had the 93 vector sport 2.0t saloon (2008) and cheapest quote i had was £670 last year, i ended up writing this off by hydrolocking the engine in a flooded road (yes i was stupid) so i bought a 93 linear 1.8t convertible (2009) both cars have the same insurance group and even though i have lost 2 years NCD so i now have 4 years, and the write off on my record i have just renewed my insurance for £615 so the convertible seems to be cheaper on the insurance than the saloon was even though they are the same group, group 14 i believe
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