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i'm new here so i thought id show you lot my new saab and one of my old ones.

The 93 i picked up on friday with 12 miles on the clock. Its a 2005 reg 93 convertible aero in esspresso black . It has full cream leather interior with a bit of black leather in some places. Its the 5 speed manual and has the extra of the more powerful stereo system. It also has cruise control, which i think is standard on the aero? Well heres some pictures of it, What do you guys and girls think?

Heres the pictures since i cant get the other post to link them and i cant't figure out how to edit or delete the post so can a moderator do it for me! [edit by admin: you need to link to the URL of the image, not the page. I will correct it for you.]

And this is my good old Y reg 95 aero estate, it was an auto and had cruise control and the more powerful stereo with the disc changer in the boot. Its a bit dirty in the pictures but it was the only one i could find of it

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