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The 9-3s and Aero-X at Sewell Saab

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Sewell Saab in Dallas recently had an evening event to launch the 2008 Saab 9-3.

Apparently the assembled crowd had a great night. As you’ll see here the cars looked brilliant, and the Sewell Saab showroom certainly set the scene nicely.

Ubermich was there and managed to snap off a few shots.

Click the following shots to enlarge:

And what’s more, they had the SaabUSA replica of the Aero-X in attendance as well.

Now, there was a bit of a kerfuffle about this. Apparently some people weren’t too happy that there were photos of this floating around. Well, close-up photos at least. This replica has obviously been made with a view to it being seen, but some people don’t think it should be seen up close.

It’s a replica. The important point is that people appreciate being able to see the design language that’s going to shape Saabs in the future. They get to see it in 3D, right in front of them. The fact that it’s a replica only becomes an issue if you try and hide it.

So enjoy seeing the Aero-X replica, as much of it as could be photographed, in a beautiful setting. Now the curiosity’s over, let’s forget about it.


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