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thank you all. I'm really pleased that you have answered so quickly. I think that the trouble was maybe due to a wrong oil choice. Next time, I think I will buy oil at a saab dealer.
As they can't change the engine for a new one, they put me a used short block ( ? ) ( this block is no more produced for a month or two, as they told me ) which I can't know the age. They assure me that they are confident in their dealer, but I'm afraid. They also change the turbo for a new one, as it was a bit broken by the trouble.
The trouble is that I'm french, and I was in the netherlands when things happened. So, the car was overhauled by a saab dealer there, but I don't know if I can be confident.
I will have the car back on saturday, so I will tell you how it works now. I expected it to be nice, but, I'm really afraid. and I don't want to loose that car, because I'm really found of it. Well, we'll see. I tell you more on sunday anyway. Thank you a lot !
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