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OK, there is a lot of conjecture regarding Saabtrackday 2005 that is misleading and/or ill-informed. Please allow us to clarify the situation.

UKSaabs / Saabscene Trackday 2005 is the third trackday event that we have organised. We have previously organised Performance Saab / Saabscene Trackday 2003 and Saabscene Trackday 2004. Information about these events, and their organisation, can be viewed at

Each event is organised by a small team of people on the basis that each event is non-profit making. This means that the cost of the total track hire is divided between the participants. This approach has been the same since our first event at Anglesey on 2003.

The aim of each event is to enable Saab owners to drive their Saabs at higher than legal road speeds in a safe and marshalled environment. To this end we welcome Saab drivers regardless of which internet forums they participate in and/or which clubs they belong to. This is not important to us. What is important is that everyone comes along and has a great day.

For 2005 we were unable to get a suitable date from Anglesey and, in light of feedback that we had after two events there, we considered a longer track. Track hire is not cheap and it is quite an undertaking to organise a successful event. Such undertakings are not the achievements of individuals but are the achievements of a team of people with a common interest in making the time and effort to make it a success.

Since Goodwood was announced (Nov/Dec 2004) as our venue for 2005 there has been a large degree of criticism from some individuals as to the way this event is being organised. This has resulted in rumour, hearsay and misinformation.

In order to clarify this is the position:

- The trackday organisers publicised a date (31/01/05) by which deposits should be made.
- The costs of the day were publicised on the website and on the booking form that each entrant signs. The costs are £206.69 per car based on 30 cars, £176.65 per car based on 35 cars or £154.57 per car based on 40 cars). This information has been publicly available since the day we announced the event.
- Nobody, save Goodwood Circuit, makes a profit from this event. There are no third-parties, no event organisers that take a cut. The cost of circuit hire is divided between those participating on the day.
- Organisation of an event involving a large sum of money means that we have to ask for deposits as commitment of attendance. Again, it was made clear on the day the event was announced that provided we reached the minimum number of cars by the deposit deadline that the deposits would become non-refundable. If we had not been able to make the deadline then all deposits would have been refunded in full. This information is made clear on the booking form.
- The situation on the deposit deadline (31/01/05) was that we had fewer than 30 deposits - meaning the event was not looking viable. However, we were advised on the same day that there were some cheques and entry forms in the post - these were received the following day. This meant that we had more than 30 cars meaning that the event is viable, hence our two day delay in announcement.
- In the event of cancellation, all participants will be refunded in full.

Unfortunately, we understand that:
- There has been threats of physical violence, and personal criticism of particular individuals; this is silly and unnecessary.
- There been an allegation by one individual that he was emailed and told he was not allowed to attend. He has alleged at two different times that this email came from different people. His allegation is untrue, there was never any email.
- There has been an allegation that some deposits will be returned; this is unfounded.

All of this whilst we were publicing the event and awaiting the deposit deadline of 31/01/05 when nobody knew whether the event would even take place. That said, given some of the criticism that the organisers have received, you must question why there is an expectation that some people should attend?

In the spirit of "Saab Community", a concept which SaabCentral mentions in the context of SaabTrackday 2005, we would like to make it clear that the orgnisers of Saabtrackday welcome attendance and/or participation from any Saab owner regardless of which forums they frequent or which club they belong to.

This invitation is explicit in its welcome to the administrators and all of the members of SaabCentral in joining us to participate in SaabTrackday 2005 so that we see 40 cars on the track thereby minimising the cost and maximising the fun for all who attend.

We hope that this post is received in the spirit that it is intended, a spirit of cooperation, understanding and friendship. We all have a common interest that is Saab and we should celebrate this. It has to be more constructive than the criticism and personal comments that has been bogging us down recently.

This is an open and genuine invitation to all Saab owners to join us on our third trackday.

TD05 Treasurer
TD05 Team
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