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TD04 - the trackday is full, we now have 30 deposits paid in.

The final full cost of the day per car based on these 30 entrants is £117.50.

In addition to this West Midlands Saab Specialists (WMSS) have kindly agreed to sponsor each vehicle to the tune of £10.00 reducing the owner payment to £107.50.

Finally, if you are a Saab Owners Club (SOC) member, SOC have agreed that if you complete their Motorsport form you can claim back a further £10.

If you would like to place you name down for the reserves list then please do.

Spectators as always are free and welcome.

TD04 treasurer.

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SSc TD04 is set to be an exciting day running at a full 30 Saabs on the track this really build on the success of our original Saab only event held in 2003.

What is really incredible about this is that you are getting tracktime on the interesting and undulating circuit that is Trac Mons at Anglesey.

For around £100, SSc TD04 team has worked hard to bring you an event that:
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[*]is exclusively Saab
[*]has professional motorsports qualified instructors on hand all day, INCLUDED in the price
[*]Helmet hire, INCLUDED in the price
[*]proper track surface, not concrete which is harsh on tyres
[*]undulated and interesting permanant track, as opposed to a course marked out by cones.
Special thanks go to WMSS and Saab Owners Club of GB Ltd who have pledged their support to sponsor the only Saab-exclusive trackday in the UK
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