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got the dreaded tcs-esp warning, ignition cut off and won't start problem. Any advice, tech2 reader in camrthenshire?
1) The engine mode diode has been blown for some time, so I get the reduced power warning at start up
But there is no reduction.
2) I have just had the front discs and pads replaced, but they seemed to be working properly and there has been no sign or sound of rubbing etc.
The problem. I had been out for a drive about 90mins. motorway miles.
Stopped for a chat and to load up some goods 15mins.
Started home and 10mins or so into the journey, on a stretch of dual cariageway, the traction warning, and the stabiltiy warning came on, no noises or unexpected motions. Then the dials shut down and the engine cut out. Coasted to the verge and pulled up. TRied to restart but the engine would not turn over.
This was not a mechanical fault, with the starter, the warnings came up and the dials lost power, on the restart, and the ignition was not activated.
My first thought was teh aone of the cables to the brakes had been damaged during the brake change but I have seen no sign of this, which leads me to th ehorrible thought that it may be the ECU.
This is the first time that the car has let me down, nad I am rather fond of it.
fault code is u2105 a:CAN bus error ECM b:L lost contact with engine control system
If any one can give me advice or has heard of this problem please get in contact.

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Hello I would not start playing parts roulette.
A can bus error can be just an erratic code
Have you tried checking starter motor battery , earthing points .?
Simple things first
Can bus error can be thrown up if either can high or can low have lost communication with the ECM so could be a wiring fault .
If it was a ECM fault the car would attempt to fire , but you cannot even get that far .
So don't panicky yet .
If you are ready to panic I will don my hard hat .
Also what make and model Saab do you have
Petrol diesel ? Manual,or auto ?
Year ?
Mileage ?
More info the better the answer.
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