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HELLLP! I am relatively new so please excuse stupidity on my part! Now ... I have a 2001 9-3 Aero convertible. I am slowly going round and learning about it and doing bits. I believe I have a trionic 7 engine (oil cap on the LHS and MAF pic attached) BUT I believe it's got a T5 coil pack in it.

The question is this - is it safe to run the T5 dic on a T7 engine? I have seen various posts on tinterweb saying you can temporarily run a T7 on a T5 to get out of jail BUT my question is what can happen if its the reverse as I believe I have . TBH the car has run always fine as it is but I have had sporadic crankshaft position sensor warnings.

I've found a good used t7 pack from a 2005 9-5 Aero. Will this fit? Is changing it out the best / right thing to do?

Many thanks in advance for any help o' wise Sabb ones coz I'm panicking a bit that I might break my beloved Saab!

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