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9-3 06 TID 150 stage 1 tune owned three years and covered 30,000 very happy miles.
My first post hi everyone,
Swirl flap went through engine but luckily no damage. Had a NEO BROTHERS heavy duty manifold fitted. Runs and performes much better than before with better mpg and no smoke under heavy acceleration like it did before.
However it suddenly stops accelerating at 3,600 rpm. Up till this point it performs very well. It's main power band has always been between 2,200 and 3,300 but has, before the manifold change, reved up to and over 4,000rpm.
It looks like the swirl flaps are stuck open because they are open when the engine is off so I suspect the swirf flap motor may be faulty.
So is this rev limit due to the flaps being open constantly or something else?
I could fix the flaps closed and have a swirl flap delete performed at a cost but don't want to make things worse.
Has anyone else had this problem?
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