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Swag - Channel 5 now

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Anyone else watching this?

They make the crim the victim

So far they've left the keys in a XR3i - so likely lads sat in. They were locked in and promptly foamed in the car.

A lad at a bar was tempted by a bag of booze left on the floor - as soon as he went to pick it up - a cabaret act appeared to highlight his misdemeaner(sp)

Another scrote climbed in a lounge window to help himself to a TV only to be confronted by the 3 bears!

Looking forward to seeing the crim who climbs into the back of a lorry to nick some goodies - only to get locked in - and for the sides to drop down to reveal a cage. He's then driven around town with a loudhailer announcing he's a thief!
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Originally posted by km:
[qb]I almost replied to this again today!    :rolleyes:   I was surprised no-one saw it.

Anyone done the test on the web link yet? Thought it would get a laugh....

Billy N.M. [/qb][/b]
Kev - well done on the conversation with yersel'

I didn't see it as we can not get Channel 5. I am told, by people who do, that that is a good thing
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