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Swag - Channel 5 now

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Anyone else watching this?

They make the crim the victim

So far they've left the keys in a XR3i - so likely lads sat in. They were locked in and promptly foamed in the car.

A lad at a bar was tempted by a bag of booze left on the floor - as soon as he went to pick it up - a cabaret act appeared to highlight his misdemeaner(sp)

Another scrote climbed in a lounge window to help himself to a TV only to be confronted by the 3 bears!

Looking forward to seeing the crim who climbs into the back of a lorry to nick some goodies - only to get locked in - and for the sides to drop down to reveal a cage. He's then driven around town with a loudhailer announcing he's a thief!
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Kev, is this a one-man thread?

BTW, your avatar isn't showing
CBBC and Cbeebies  [/b]
Best 100-quid we ever spent! Even took the box on holiday last week (how else can you get a lie-in?). Another advantage, as far as I'm concerned, is that I'm not paying any money directly to Rupe.

Don't be put off by the info on the dtg website. It stated that we should not be able to get as many channels as we can. BSE is a bit of a reception null but we can get all the BBC channels plus some others. No ITV or C4, though although I never watch the former (they only seem to have 3-programmes: The Bill, Corrie and WWTBAM).
Dixons say I can't bring it back if it doesn't work properly  [/b]
Buy it from an independant retailer. We were given the option of a return if no reception.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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