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It’s a new year, I’ve been on vacation, and I’ve finally gotten through that slug of work that’s stacked up in my e-mail inbox over the holidays and into this week.

For that reason, I apologize that I’ve got little in the way of new Saab news or clever Saab verbiage. But I do have a few interesting photos from Flickr!

One of them is well worth the wait, believe me. But you’ll have to wait until after the break.

First up, we have another Saab recently purchased by our resident Frenchman, Golfhunter. It seems that Jeff can’t keep his checkbook in his pocket whenever vintage Saabs are around. I’ve completely lost count, but it was just over two months ago when I congratulated him on his last purchase. I’m sure that it will look better when he’s through with it, but it already looks pretty good — and those appear to be genuine TRX wheels! Now, if you could only find tires to fit…

Next, a fine example of a Saab 99 Turbo 2-door in original condition. Our brother-in-arms, Thorstensson, found an unbelievably well-preserved 99 and has obviously maintained it well. Take a look at the Incas. I love Incas. They are a unique part of Saab heritage.

Oh, and the photo is excellent.

More after the break…


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