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Taking the concensus' view, im gonna sort out the suspension prior to an ECU. Its on a budget so Abbotts outta the question ( tho their inlet pipe kit seems tasty!)

Looking at springs from Elkparts so its either Sachs/Boge at £137.48 or GMax at £125.78. Any recommendations? Any difference?

Also want to change all orig suspension bushes to Poly ones again from Elkparts( not transmission or engine mounts at this stage)
Please bear with me but are the following what i'll need:
1) Front ARB link rodbushes...£12.78
2) Front ARB bushes 19mm........ £16.29
3) Rear ARB bushes 19mm..........£8.81
4) Front lower wishbone front bushes..£14.76
5) Front lower wishbone rear bushes..£20.89
6) Front ARB end to link eye bushes..£19.67

Thanks a lot, youre all amazin (bit o grovelling in advance there!)


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best value is ....
front rear wishbone bushes...biggest effect
front and rear a/r bushes
front front ? I have bought them but not fitted them yet so no comment
Eye link bushes/ar drop link bushes..
I have heard that these make things a little harsh..
fit both and you have a bit o trouble methinks

I fitted the drop link bushes and it did increase the nvh a tad..
As for spring choice ...
I fitted roc springs rhat came as a complete package with koni adjustables from motorsport world and these are certainly on the firm side
I am sure others will come along with their experience
the best springs still seem to be abbott they seem to be on the softer side ...

good luck !
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