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Been to see a company called ChipsAway today about a couple of major stone chips on the bonnet, a deep 3" scratch on rear door and also a cople of minor dents in both rear doors. ( you know, the ones that inconsiderate gits give you in supermarket car parks!)

Just realised, I made my Aero sound like a wreck, it is in great nick really, apart from these niggling blemishes!

Anyone had any experience of this company and their work results? They also said that as the knocks were right on the swage line there could be a strengthening bar behind the door that might make the job a bit more time consuming = expensive

They quoted approx £320 to sort it all out so I went and bought a 2 pen paint kit from Halfords for a tenner and might try to work up the nerve to have a go myself, but then I'll probably end up taking it to them to do it properly!
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