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SteveN's C900 & 9000CSE

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9000CSE 2.3l Turbo
Speedparts stage 1 ECU
Forge recirculating BOV
Trent PCV check valve
Silicon vacuum hoses
JR air filter
Polyurethane torque arm bushes
Polyurethane rear ARB bushes
Polyurethane front ARB bushes
Polyurethane ARB droplink bushes
Pagid Fast Road front brake pads

Classic 900 8 valve injection
Magnecor 8mm ignition leads
JR air filter
Ecotek CP26
Silicon vacuum hoses
Polyurethane alternator bushes
Sachs Advantage sports shocks
Polyurethane front lower shock mount bushes
Turbo spec springs
Pagid Fast Road front brake pads
Goodridge stainless steel brake hose
Auxiliary gauges: oil pressure, oil temperature and voltage
SAAB mahogany gear knob
SAAB Airflow vent covers
Mesh grill
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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