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Ok, so for you upgraders, this'll be rather dull!!!

But I've just found out how to get these piccies on here, so here goes.

Here's my 99 2.0LPT on a V plate. Fairly standard fair I suppose. Things of note are:

he's called 'Jack'!!,
metallic silver (oh that's just sooooo common! )
walnut dash,
16" Saab alloys,
velour seats (unfortunately not heated),
AS1 4 speaker stereo (not bad, but I can't be bothered to upgrade it at the mo
cruise control (the first toy I had fitted),
smoked side repeaters (the second 'toy' I had fitted),
adjustable centre armrest (comfort pack?)
SiD1 (does me OK!),
parking assist sensor system (the next toy to be fitted tomorrow 13th August 2004),
oh and not forgetting the Saabscene sticker on rear screen!!!

er...that's it I suppose, apart FSH (dealer to 54k, specialist at 60k, and I'll probably get another specialist at 66/67k. Beyond that, I may go back to main dealer, but we'll see!!)

Oh and I nearly forgot, I have the inevitable rusty wheel bolts!!!!
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