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I wonder if anyone can advise me.

I am getting conflicting advice about whether a steering limiter is required for my car.

I recently purchased a used MY2007 9-3 Saab Vector convertible which came with 19" 3 spoke Hirsch wheels. It has a steering limiter to apparently stop the wheel arches from rubbing.

The service guy at my local Saab dealer says that the limiter is required but I emailed Hirsch and received a reply from the Sales & Marketing Director at Hirsch who said "The MY2007 does not need steering limiter. It was needed for MY03-05 but not anymore. It prevented wheel arch rubbing problems."

So who is correct, the Saab dealer or the wheel manufacturer? Was there a change in the MY2006 or MY2007 car to prevent the wheel arches from rubbing with larger wheels?

Thanks in advance.
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