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93 Vector Sport 2008
Fault codes:
1. Traction Control/Electronic Stability Program
2. Electro Hydraulic Power Steering

Bought this vehicle, message on display Limited Performance.
Vehicle starts, but Very slowly accelerate until 2000/2500 RPM. Once it reaches that RPM, it runs like a Rocket
( Fast and active ish), so basically normal.
problem is not here as i found MOD in the fuse box. It has extra relay attached with 3 wires connected to fuse box bundle wires .

So i removed Relay from the fuse box and vehicle does not starting at all, no crank, nothing, just message on display about Stability/ Traction control failure, contact service.
Fault codes already wrote at beginning.
Any ideas?

Someone bypass this main fault with extra relay attached to bundle of wires going to fuse box, wires not cut, just sliced and connected to fuse box wire bundle.

I can start and drive vehicle with relay attached, but i dont have power at all up to 2500 RPM, it is extremely slow, dangerous, but it is fine after it reaches over, fast and active ish.

With Diagnostic Autel IM608, i am able to read codes from ECU and all other modules when relay is connected,
but i am not able to read ECU when it is Not connected, only those fault codes on the top of this post. Only by entering vin manually i get to scan those codes, but not ECU.


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This is a little bit of a guess from your description of the mod.
It is not uncommon for wires to break in the loom in the area below the fuse box and going towards the small fuse box in front of the battery.
Possibly what you are describing is someones workaroung.
One my car pins 3 and 20 on the ECM connector had no voltage, they should be permanent 12 volts.
It's an extremely long story which would take a small novel to cover everything, so I'm going to skip to the end.
I replaced the loom, didn't fix the problem, although my original loom had 1 completely broken wire and a good number charred.
I stripped back the insulation checking for continuity every 6" or so, got all the way back to the base of the main fuse box.
From the bottom of the box there was no continuity to any fuses or relays, solution was to make a bridge bottom to top through one of the large 40 amp fuses.
Problem solved.
I have much more information and photos etc if you think you may have a similar problem.
Hi. Someone made workaround, you are right. Got confused, as i was looking for brown white wire on ECU, as workaround was transferring that wire to relay off the fuse box.
Found 2 Brown white wires, all working good. Apparently those same colour wires 3 of them, missed one.

I was able to fix it. It was 1 wire broken.
ECU big socket number 72 Brown with white lines going to fuse box number 6 bottom socket.

Cut wire, made new line, soldered, all working perfectly.

After this fix, i had performance problems, on overtaking i get limp mode.
FIX was fuel rail sensor Connector failing, due to it can rotate almost 360. Poor connection, engine vibration etc. So i under pressure got it stuck, so it wont move anywhere, all good, my saab now flies like a rocket.
Fault code was low pressure on fuel.
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