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Speedo/ABS sender

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Am I correct in thinking that the rear left wheel (near-side) abs sensor is also the signal for the Speedo?
Done a search on this forum and saabcentral and found only 1 post that covered this.
My ABS light is on and the Speedo has stopped working
From what I can see the entire hub has to come off to replace the sensor, Has anybody done this? Any advice on part supplier, I've found an ABS sensor listed on Eurocarparts if its the correct part
In advance, thanks -James
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I may be totall wrong James but thought it was the front near side wheel. Often the problem is just a dirty sensor and a clean up with something like meths will do. I would try this first cleaning both the sensor and the toothed ring on the hub with a old toothbrush. Others may be along to advise regarding which wheel.

Hi Sey93, and welcome to Saabscene.

Yes, it is the nearside front wheel sensor that is the favorite for throwing an ABS light. They live in a harsh environment, and I suspect that all that would be needed in your instance is a clean of the sensor and the electrical connector to it. Once the wheel is off, this is not too difficult a job.Buying a replacement, at this stage, would be unnecessary, IMHO.

I think it is the rear sensor that sends the speed information though.


Well, I inspected the rear nearside sensor and it only had one cable/socket connector -I would've expected another cable for Speedo.
I will have a look at the front nearside sensor though, thanks.
-Funnily enough driving home tonight speedo & ABS worked perfectly (been intermittent all week)good job as there was quite a bit of snow about.
NSR hub assembly is a all in one unit, bearing/hub/abs sensor, it also supplies the speedo via the ABS control unit.
Started playing up again. So if Speedo is fluctuating wildly then it seems this sensor is at fault.
I look at replacing the REAR NEARSIDE sensor (just checking -seems some difference of opinion)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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