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Sorry.... Another Amp thread..

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I you long suffering lot...

I have been reading 101 articles on various forums re upgrading the Saabs mediocre (at best) sound system..
I am beginning to favour the idea of an amp..
Last night whilst waiting for sleep to happen, I thought about an Amps location..
An idea.....
What would stop one from pulling out the boot mounted amp to fit a far superior 4 channel one in its place using the wiring that's already there?
Obviously I DO NOT mean one of those monster amps that Bass Junkies have. Just a modest one that's way better than standard. I guess the measurements of the space available would be helpful.. One minute I will go and measure.....
Height is up to 17"
**Width is variable.. 8" up to the full 17" height or 10" up to the height of 9.5"
Depth is up to 8"

Obviously it would mean loads of soldering but just think..
1. The speaker wires are all there.
2. The power supply and earthing point are there.
3. it would be unobtrusive (stealthy)

I got the idea from a guy on the web who piggy backed a 2 channel amp onto the original boot amp.

Anyone out there with sensible thoughts on this?
Is it doable ??
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start with the speakers..
I haven’t had a good look at the cabling but I didn’t see any heavy gauge cables so the power cables probably aren’t up to handling any more power than the stock amp.
Think the inputs are different voltage too sure read you can’t just put normal amp RCA into the std unit and vice versa.
start with the speakers..
Has anyone heard of "Planet Audio" speakers?
If so are they any good?
I ask because a car audio place in Wigan is recommending them to me..
I haven't heard of them.. Have you ?
never heard of them..quick search says American company..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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