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If you want to save money on petrol in the long run, they try a conversion to LPG.

It would cost about £1250 - £1500.

But again, this would only be of benefit if you did enough miles over the time you owned the car.

LPG is about 40p per litre instead of 87p, so you should save at least 50% of your fuel costs.

Here's a link to an LPG calculator:

If you average 30mpg and do 15,000 miles per annum, it would take 15months to repay the cost of a £1250 conversion if using the LPG and petrol prices as stated above.

This would increase to 22months payback time if you only did 10k miles per annum.

I'm still pondering over this, as I currently use T99 or V Power and I'm not keen on losing the extra ooomph, but if I'm clocking 18k miles per annum, I'll have saved the cost of the conversion within 11 months.

Shame I can't afford it :ph34r:[/b]

I personally wouldn't go with LPG. I know others on here (Pugwash) have been happy with their conversions, but I had my old 9-5 converted and was never happy. In my case MPG dropped from 30 to 23, there was a slight loss of performance, and a lot of things started going wrong after the LPG was installed (Turbo went, problems with hesitation and idling etc etc). You won't get the conversion cost back when you're selling either.

I'd agree with keeping your 9-5. The grass usually isn't greener.

The Skoda Fabia does usually get good write up's - However I've got a 55 reg Skoda, though I'm not as impressed as the JD Power ratings suggest.

If you do want to get rid of the 9-5, I'd recommend the Seat Leon in petrol or diesel guise. My other half has a 1.4 petrol which has been perfect since new. Bit slow, but quite frugal for a petrol.
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