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'Twas great fun if a little on the damp side

Had a good bit of oversteer on the first session in the Golf due to my tyres having sat in the garage for the last 4 months without use so no grip whatsoever initially.
Second session was a real flyer with JohnW as co-pilot - a dry line was forming (but still damp/wet) and i hit 115 at Fordwater and 125 on the lavant straight - still lots of oversteer into Woodcote and i hope the nail marks in the side of my passenger seat are repairable eh John

Shame the Golf was suffering from a bulging coolant hose above the manifold so i didnt fancy pushing my luck for the afternoon.
Great day and thanks again to the organisers


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A few snippets:

- I've never seen so many smiling facing in the peeing rain!

- I had a great time riding as a passenger for a change and talking several folk round the track

- Breakfast was the usual satisfying fare from the tuck waggon

- Nobody got black flagged

- We only had to have a very brief pause for noise

- V tasty BBQ, and only a fiver

- Considering the wetness, having only one car pranged was not bad going!

- Comedy value of watching a certain Golf struggling to contian it's wayward @rse

- Top curry the night before!

- Everyone turned up to drive plus loadsaspectators

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Hi Guys,

Looks like you were all having a great time.
My day went like this.

First session in 9-5 estate-v.wet and slippy . This things got naff all grip! Then a guy in 9-3 Troll spun in front of me at Madgwick and went into gravel....end of session.4 laps?

Second session drying but still wet . 6 laps-completely toasted my brakes-fade,spongey pedal and judder.End of Saab day

Third session in MINI-dry line forming. Now thats more like it . Brakes and handling.But only 133BHP now. Oh dear more rain now.

Fourth session in afternoon . Giving passenger rides. Awesome ....where is everybody?
oops -noise breach -slow down.Speed up a bit for last lap.

Fifth session. NO FIFTH SESSION. Banned from circuit for 2 noise breaches.Now this was MINI`s 4th trackday at Goodwood with no noise problem. I can only imagine it was tyre noise in the wet that pushed it over the limit. Shame,I was realy enjoying hassling the Saab turbo-nutter barges.
Sorry to antone I flashed headlights at in corners. The one thing you dont want to do in a fast corner is lift off-as many of you found when you were heading in the wrong direction.

So, a short and trying day. but an awesome collection of Saabs. Sorry about the Sussex weather.Come back next year-I guarantee sunshine

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Keith, I still can't get over how fast your Mini caught us & then just scampered off into the distance! Amazing grip, especially compared with ours which struggled all day.

Car 14. Maiden voyage of our track hack, first time any of us had driven it more than about 100 yards. Met slippery iceberg on the way into St Marys & decided to go down with all hands.

Actually, it was more a simple case of too much speed on a very greasy corner. Car now needs an O/S door, F&R corner lights, possibly a front wing & hopefully the rear panel will straighten out OK (may need to get a new corner welded in as the armco went straight through the wing). Also needs a new passenger seat as it collapsed in the impact, broadside but going backwards at a fair rate of knots.

Dave's neck was a little stiff last night & Dad's shoulder is sore today. Otherwise no real harm done except to pride & wallet(s).

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I had a fantastic day, we have spent months preparing the car and we could not have asked more from her.

We had a slight problem with a DI giving up after the first session, then one of the spare DI's was no better, so one was borrowed from chris's Aero for the day, then problem solved.

The noise did seem an issue! we ran the first session with no problems, then with added backfiring in we came for our not so friendly chat, we assured the marshall that fitting our rear silencer would have the desired effect, but he didn't seem interested
, so the quickest pit stop on the planet to make the next session. Matt drew the shortest straw having to attempt to fit a different back box after two sessions, it was a little warm
, chris changed the DI, also a little on the warm side, and I set to adjusting the seats, this was a stress full point, espeically in the rain!
After a spot of lunch we had made it, all was running smootly, no noise problems, semi-open pit style, started to really enjoy the drive.

During my first afternoon session, I was brought quickly down to earth after a spin, luckily keep all four wheels on the black stuff

I was determined to have one last session, I took it nice and steady, took all the corners better, carried more speed, briliant felt great.

The day was over, car back on the trailer and not bent

We were slightly concerned about how the toyo track day tyres would perform in such wet conditions, I think we gave them an ample test!
I am sure we owe a lot to those tyres for being able to just eat up the corners.

A big thankyou to the organisers of the day, and when is the next one?


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The really ironic thing is that I had a spare T-shirt with the
logo on the back, from the 9-3ss launch, to give out to the driver/team having the biggest "moment" of the day...shouldn't have tempted fate

As I said above, the damage is not horrendous, but is going to put back our plans a bit. Needs a door, possibly front wing, rear panel may well repair, but b-pillar looks like it may have moved very slightly. Door still opens & closes, and locks, OK. Also needs corner lights, wheel arch trims & a passenger seat. Bumper skins & skirts are scuffed but we may as well just sand 'em flat again.

Of the three drivers in our team, I wasn't in the car that session, Dave was driving and me Dad was in the LH seat.

We'd had an OK day till then, handling of the car was awful in the wet, firstly as we'd set the tyre pressures too high initially and also as we've taken so much weight out of the back end it's become a bit skittish - need to rethink that. Added to which we had 205/50s which might be a bit wide in the wet, probably should have stuck the standard wheels back on with 195/60s.

Also realised we probably ought to do a little more testing, just didn't have the time - the car had not been driven more than a few yards since we got it.

Good thing was we didn't lose the engine (it went through avery smokey stage a few weeks back, tight sphincters all round), the slipping clutch seemeed to cure itself during the day (or was it wheelspin??? In 4th ???!!!!
) and the original 90K+ engine was pulling like a steam train - 115-120 on the Lavant Straight and some of the more powerful kit wasn't really out-accelarating us.

Brakes work very well, I gave them a good work-out with my Dad in the LH seat again, at the end of Lavant Straight, and from the colour of his face my not-quite-last of the late brakers impression had demonstrated them well.

We Had 5 sessions including the crash.

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Well I had a fantastic day, arrived back today at 7.30pm having covered a total of 1088 miles, unfortunatly most of them on the M6 and not on the track!
Managed to get 5 sessions in which was great, the first session was with the new custom ecu, was still hitting over boost in most gears dispite adjusting base boost at 5.30am before leaving for the track.
After that session I changed back to my trusted ecu however due to having reduced the boost I was down on power but was still great fun
Saw many great Saabs and met some great Saabers.

Clocked my MPG on the day at 10.6 and used 3/4 of a tank, another one or two sessions and I would have been making a trip into town to fill up again

It's easy to see how people become hooked...when is the next track day


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got back about an hour ago...
(we had a late start ...some of our party decided to hit the clubs in bognor regis till 4.30 am
completely knackered

still we came away completely unscathed

both of the boys had incidents at st marys
the carly clipped the tyre wall with the wing mirror

I got a few sessions in on both cars and I was surprised just how different they were..
the 900 struggled for grip everywhere
the 9000 was at least 10 secs quicker round the track
I reckon they have the same sort of power ,...

the 900's brakes were superb
the 9000's were sh*t

My older son just edged me out of the fastest lap
2.02 for me and 2.01 for him
I would have gone out again but the brakes were getting very wooley..

a well ...wait till next year
It looks as if we will be running three cars...

really disappointed not to have the monster ..
I would have given that mini a run for its money

hottest brake disc award went to the 9-3 ss from notts saab a good 400c
most people were running around 200c by the time they got back into the paddock

So knockhill for next year ...?

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Well, the trip back was uneventful, even managed to avoid the terrible roadworks around Antwerp by using the new Toll tunnel on the coast. So I got back at 6:30pm on Friday...

Had a great time, many thanks to the organisers for a very fun day, despite the weather!

Actually I'm glad it was raining, because the last time I was at Goodwood (Abbott trackday 2003) I lost the rear at St Marys and plowed the front into the wall... this time I slayed that old dragon by not falling off the track. (Better suspension set-up, better tyres and a wiser driver... )

How about this for fuel economy though ... Full tank the night before, full day's trackday... commute between hotel and track for two days, then drive back to Folkstone, Calais to Delft in Holland... on the same tank of fuel Diesel Power

Anyway.. it was nice to meet everyone again, and I've posted my piccies on the piccie thread.

Oh.. and the water pump problem wasn't so bad, only had to put about half a litre of water in for the 500 KM trip back.

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I got Home at 16:30 after stopping off in Cambridge to buy a diesel Skoda...

I found out who was dropping the oil in the pit it wasn't oil, it's brake fluid.

Got 5 miles from littlehampton and the TCS and ABSD lights came on, 5 more miles and the (!) light pops up... No brake fluid left!

Drove the remaining 170 miles like that.

Leaking from the back bottom of the resiviour I think. Luckily it was fine on the track and I even got the brakes hot enough to catch on fire.

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