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Hey there chaps.

last weekend I undertook the mammoth task of replacing my my heater blower motor. It was a hell of a job but I finally got everything back into its rightful place. ( with plenty of colourful language along the way ) The only real casualty was the temperature control arm which I managed fix with trusty old araldite.
But still no cold air! So i took the old girl down to the aircon specialists down the road and got them to take a look at it. Gas pressure was ok. The pressure switch was ok. The compressor did engage when a current was fed directly to it. Also the compressor/cooling fan fuse has power. This makes me think there could be a problem with the relay or the control module isnt sending a signal to the relay?
I took the relay out and asked an auto sparky to check it for me. He just sneered and told me he couldnt do it.
I am going back to the aircon shop tomorrow to let the guys there try and track down the problem. But does anyone else have and idea of any other potential causes?
I have tried resetting and running a diagnostic on the ACC but to no avail..
Oh, its a 1990 CD T16 with ACCII

Upon arriving home after going to the aircon shop I found my flat had been burgled. All my computer, audio equipment and cameras had been nicked plus jewellery. I was not a happy camper
I called the cops at half four this afternoon. Now its midnight and they still havent turned up.

Oh well, at least I still have Helga to drive round in

Thanks, Billy.
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