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smoke and no revs

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hi everybody
went to the hospital today, after i was finished jumped in car (06 1.9 tid 150bhp) struggled to start and when it did there was a lot of smoke smelt very oily and no revs.
tried this a number of times over a half a hour just the same.One time message on SID "anti-braking system fault" came up.

called for a breakdown truck and when he arrived an hour later the bugger started and revved its bollocks off (WTF).
the guy put his OBD reader on no faults were found

can anybody please enlighten me to WTF happened
and is worth me getting my own OBD reader

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yes the mod kit is worth fitting or there another kit to remove the flaps completely although this does mean manifold off and can be expensive job labour wise on plus side though no more issues
well finally got the swirlflap bar fitted after a accident at work (laid up for a few month) odd thing was no1 & no4 connector would totally not connect it`s as if theyve been reversed any way just left it connected to 2 & 3.
It still was lumpy in low revs so I cleaned the EGR took off the blanking plate & cleaned the intake as good as you can do in situ sprayed some carb cleaner in there and fired it up. Tons of blue smoke and then pure pleasure the car is running like it was made to run, even 2nd gear junctions when these saabs are running like this they are up there with the best long may it last.
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