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smoke and no revs

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hi everybody
went to the hospital today, after i was finished jumped in car (06 1.9 tid 150bhp) struggled to start and when it did there was a lot of smoke smelt very oily and no revs.
tried this a number of times over a half a hour just the same.One time message on SID "anti-braking system fault" came up.

called for a breakdown truck and when he arrived an hour later the bugger started and revved its bollocks off (WTF).
the guy put his OBD reader on no faults were found

can anybody please enlighten me to WTF happened
and is worth me getting my own OBD reader

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what colour was the smoke ?

ebay .d900 2014 £20ish
hi kez it was inbetween white and blue.

already watching d900 on ebay off one of your previous threads now £15 with p&p (2014)
about a month ago i attempted a regen but not sure if it did.
car seems to be running brill again, do you think it could be throwing a sensor fault (no EML)as it did when i first bought it with EML on, but felt just the same(went into limp mode) my car on limp mode would not climb over a pea, then it was a clutch sensor
could be anything tbh try giving it a good run in 4th on a good road

the code reader will read live data so you will see what various parts are displaying and can be useful
thanks for your time kez.
one more thing if it is a sensor fault would a OBD reader clear the fault and reset to manufactures settings allowing you to get home (or garage )
cos limp mode wouldnt
lhm will show a code,no code no lhm..
hi jon

just read a old thread a 3.0 95 was doing the same the AA was called out twice disconnected the battery both times and sorted it both times making you think it is sensors.

why do the sensors suddenly do this im sure mine was a sensor but some reason put itself right after 2 hrs
it will tell you a code and a brief description and you will be able to reset the engine light unless the fault is permanent read pending codes etc

with live data you will read various sensor values and compare that value with another which can give an indication to condition etc although some knowledge here is useful lol

for example a map sensor should read 100kpa = 1bar = atmospheric pressure with ign on but this depends where you are in the country and in relation to sea level so 97-103 give and take would be classed as normal, you can say take readings of the map/maf say a 2k rpmand again compare the 2 against each other to know if one is beginning to fail manufacturers will have set figures and use these tests in workshop conditions, able to read the ect sensor giving the temp the engine is running at ........just a few examples so for £15 the potential possibilities is worth it and the fact if you just reset 1 code and know what is at fault it has paid for itself also giving you ammunition if going to a repair garage

as jon say if no code or eml you are not in lhm
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disconnecting the batt can also clear the ecu of any codes although not professional approach
got the obd reader this morning
no codes came up touch wood they never will (wishful thinking)
i decided to order a egr blanking plate with the 10mm hole any thoughts on this would be welcome :thumbsup:
If it brings up code p0400 make hole 12mm other than that go for it
cheers kez will do, i will post on outcome sometime next week
fitted the EGR blanking plate tonight, i can honestly say it feels 10% better which is a lot
better at lower revs and smoother I would totally recommend this bit of kit at £3.45 off ebay and 15 mins to fit
clean the maf and map..... i would also check the vapour return on the back of the engine down to the TIP and an boost pipe for alot of oil ingress
hi nathan just cleaned maf and map could you please direct me to the vapour return photos would be class
if i had to guess would it be the black baked bean tin with 3 hoses attached
before work this morning i got my mate to rev the engine so i could check the swirlflaps
rod not moving grabbed a screwdriver poked it and it was just lying there.
Dilema car working great apart from a tiny flat spot at 1500 rpm.
So do i try to re-connect or just leave it as it is (probs been like that for ages)
reason i was looking the other day it threw the code p2279 intake air sys leak.......any advice very welcome THANKS
well tried refitting the rod just wasnt having it must be cracked plastic bushes
going to order a new rod with the brass bushes £29
linda the better half has told me it has sometimes struggled at junctions had to engage clutch and build revs up
i think this will be due to the rod been off
updates later when the weather is better,CHEERS
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