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Hi again guys(and girls??). I am slowly sorting out my 9000 turbo.
I have only had the car 6 weeks or so.
There are a few little things wrong that the road-worthy (read MOT) mechanic overlooked when passing the car. I haven't really got any recourse but we are happy over-all with the car.

The current main problem is a 'looseness' in the rear end? I am not sure if it is bush related or more involved. If you push on the rear of the car, sideways, there is a little free movement. The stabiliser bushes look worn-out. I had the wheels off yesterday, but couldn't replicate the same movement by trying to rock the axle.
My main thoughts are shock mounts, or trailing arm bushes next?
I want to get a suspension check done this week, should I go to a Saab Work-shop or a specialist suspension shop. I bought the poly engine bushes from a suspension shop that do free no-obligation checks.
I am fairly confident I can change most of the bushes myself with a little help, but would welcome the professional diagnosis.
Happy Saabing to all.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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