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After the major jobs done (finished last week), as car got quieter, I started to notice all those rattles and SQUEAKS. I postponed rattle problem till next weekend, because of it is not so loud, an matherials are anyway at my summer-house 100km away.

BUT THE SQUEAKS of door sealings became so anoying I, had to ask someone how to stop it. I asked some friend who is WRC nut btw. He answered - just spray some silicone (of any kind) on them. I, did. I drove into nearest Shell, bougt some Silicone Spray (~£2.5) (which was primarily designed as anti-frost spray for ruber parts).
After covering all sealings of all doors, incl. boot - I took a short testdrive. ...SILENCE... only a few rattling from above the dash...
No matter to say - I was so surprised of how some spray could push all those sounds to zero....
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