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Should I buy this car?

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Narrowly missed out (by 5 minuted ) on a lovely Alfa 166 this afternoon. So now I'm contemplating doing something very rash ...

1996 (N) 9000 CSE 2.0 EcoPower (lpt), 5spd manual. The spitting image of my old one, Scarabe Green (with its fair share of scratches) / Sand Beige (rather worn but would come up OK with the right treatment).

Has the original stereo + CD player, DCC, cruise control. Manual seats. One rear window doesn't work. Everything else does.

Indicating 92,000 miles, with a sticker from (presumably) the auction from whence it came stating that this is unwarranted but believed genuine.

No service history
Number plates from 'Hale Carriage Company', 0151 number - might contact them to see what they can tell me. Last change of owner December 1999, according to the RAC.

Clutch is nice and light, no noise at all from the timing chain. Starts and drives as it should. Slight weeping from the cylinder head.


Head says 'no', heart says 'yes'.
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Sounds OK to me James, certainly not overpriced by any means. Probably needs a new gasket soon though. Check for coolant contamination or roughness on cold starting.
Clutch is light cos it's new, check your PM's James
Just noticed it's no longer on the dealer's website - I fear someone else has snaffled it

Ah well, the search continues ...
OK, the car is still available, but I've bought something else ...

So if anyone fancies a cheap-as-chips, well-equipped 9000 which we now know has pretty good history, it's at Advanced Vehicle Sales in Palmers Green.

Bargain for someone


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Dont keep us in suspense- what have you got?
Pop along to Hemel Hempstead tonight and I'll show you
Originally posted by Jimmy no-Saabs:
[qb]Pop along to Hemel Hempstead tonight and I'll show you       [/qb][/b]
You'll be on your own then, Jimbo, everyone else is going to The Crow's Nest between Tring and Aston Clinton
Originally posted by Jimmy no-Saabs:
[qb]Pop along to Hemel Hempstead tonight and I'll show you    [/qb][/b]
In Winchester this evening so its a no go. Just tell me now and it will be our secret
Bet its a 2.3T 9000 cse.
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