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Finally plucked up the courage to replace my 9-3 SW sharks fin. Went in via tailgate, pulled the rubber off, but not enough give. Spoke to a bodyshop guy who said pull off the side trims (with the boot lights). Tried that, too scary - didn't want to part company at all. Then saw on another thread that the oval buttons in the head lining are retaining clips. Turn 90 deg and pull out the two nearest the tailgate. Gives much more flexibility for access.

The SAAB fin needs a 22mm socket and ratchet to loosen it. Ideally unplug the cable if you have one. I couldn't get the plug apart so cut the cable on the shark fin side (so could recouple a new SAAB fin later if wanted). Once the nut is off, the fin is still held in the roof by a plastic clip - just pull fin free from outside.

New fin has 10mm nut. I used the aerial/spacer supplied - just cut off the cable. It also has two small projections which need to be cut off. The rubber gasket was quite grubby so I washed and dried it before fitting to ensure a good seal. I used Comma 'seek n seal' between fin and rubber gasket, ditto between gasket and roof. (You'll need help to hold the new fin whilst you get the nut started, and to keep it lined up fore and aft whislt you tighten it.

Finally feed the roof lining back behind the rubber trim and push the two retaining clips home.


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Ok, so I received the fin and it is more or less identical to the Saab OEM, although shiny plastic not matt (doesn't look wrong in any case and £55 saving).

I won't do a picture guide but steps as follows - for convertible only and for non GPS only as that would need appropriate fin and wiring:

open boot.
remove lining by popping out 9 trim poppers and put somewhere safe!!!
unscrew 1 x nut
unhook the wire and remove cable tie from boot body.
from the boot outer side remove the fin.
clean up the muck underneath
the square hole wont allow the new fin to sit fully flush due to a small piece of rubber on the fin - hack this small piece off with a stanley knife.
line up new fin and use the included spacer and nut to affix - some small adjustment might be needed.
as mentioned earlier, do not over tighten nut as it has a rubber base.
re-affix boot trim being careful not to break the poppers whilst resetting them.
admire work, smirk at £55 saving, realise you're low on petrol, buy a tank costing £55.

I'm concerned about breaking the trim poppers, what's the best way to remove them and o they come out easy enough?
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