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The Scaero went in for service 12 today (123,200 miles).

Having a few other bits done too, so no car for 1 week.

1. Service
2. Fix groaning nsf wheel when under power and slight right lock
3. Sort out bonnet, spoiler and roof stone chips
4. Sort 4 minor rusdt spots (from stone chips)
5. Full valet (inside and out), it's first since I bought it in 1995.

And found from the servicing:-
1. OSF brake Flexihose leaking
2. All front wichboane bushes shot
3. one wishbone bracket broken
4. oil pressue switch leaking.
5. rear disks and pads corroded (lack of use)

Open cheque book and say after me...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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