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seat repadding... anyone done it?

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The drivers seat in the aero is definitely is little less suportive than the passenger. The bum area has sagged a little
. Has anyone had the seat padding re-done or done it themselves? i did a quick search and there is some info on professional jobs (££) but I can't see it costing a fortune in bits if you do it yourself???
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I took my Rover 620 to the local garage in Watford for service and asked them if there was anything they could do for a sagging seat. No problem, they new a man who did things with upholstery.

It came back with new seat padding and he had also replaced one side bolster cloth panel - new piece sewn in and indistinguishable from original. Cost £100 for the seat repair on its own, which I thought was good because Rover wanted a lot more than that for just a new cloth cover.

It took three or four days to do as the upholsterer was not a man to be hurried. This was 2001 not long before I got the Saab.
I did the seat base on a standard Saab leather seat. The hessian base had split so I repaired it with copydex and lengths of material cut from an old pair of jeans !! Also added some more foam to the side bolsters. Took a few hours but was easy enough to do with some long nose pliers.

I never could get the leather of the back rest though that seemed a pig of a job.
hmm - I reckon a visit down to the foam shop might be just the job to bring some life back to it - I can have a bash at fixing the heated seat while I'm at it. tks
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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