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Hi all, after having my 2011 TTID4 SE written off in January I've just had the settlement through from the third part insurers.
Just need to sort the scrappage of mine which I've retained as I think I can get more than they allowed and I'll hopefully have a bit more than I paid for the SE.
I'm now in the position that I've got the funds burning a home in my pocket and am looking for another Saab.

Having had the previous car, if only for a short time, I've got more of an idea of what I want.
So I'm now looking for an Aero with the TTID engine and some of the same toys that the SE had.

I've just spotted a 2008 Aero on Auto trader that's done quite a high mileage but looks in great shape and is going for a very good price, maybe too cheap, who knows?
The dealer has passed on the VIN so I can check the build spec and there are a couple of things that have confused me that I hope someone out there can educate me on.
First off it states that the vehicle is without child seat anchorage. This is a bit of a shock because I just assumed that all Saab's with their safety rep would have had isofix fitted by that date. Given that Mrs J is due to give birth in June babies are very much on the mind at the moment. Even though this won't be the main babymobile the ability to safely fit a car seat is a big deal. Is the lack of Isofix a deal breaker or no?
I suppose that this is a double pronged question as it needs knowledge if baby car seats at well. (it's fifteen years since I last needed to bother about this sort of thing so I'm not really up on it now lol) All the car seats that we've looked at to date come with or have as a separate isofix base and I'll be honest and just accepted that is what we would be buying for safety and convenience.
Secondly the outer rear view mirrors have a button that I assumed was to fold them like on my SE however it states they are manually folding but with memory? What does this mean exactly?
The folding mirrors were very handy and something I'd like as the car is parked on a busy road when I'm home. Obviously I could walk round and do them but it's easier with a button isn't it:rolleyes:
Edit whilst typing this it's just occurred to me the seat is electronically controlled so I'm guessing the mirrors are linked to the positions. In which case why the button?

The car doesn't have the rain sensors which the SE had which is a shame but I did find them a bit slow at times and so not a big loss. Unfortunately it doesn't have the self dimming mirrors which is a bit more of a loss. It's one of those thing I think that until you've had it you'll never bother but I found it great when on the motorway at night. Still I lived with years without it so suppose I could learn to again:(

I suppose I'm a way I'm using this post to go over in my own mind whether to pull the trigger on this particular car. I've got the cash and it would be nice to sort out the situation sooner rather than later but I don't want to rush in and then spend months regretting it.

Any answers, thoughts or opinions much appreciated.


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Hello Rojan1 .
First of all how many miles has this aero done ?
As long as cambelt has been changed and history backs it up then you are good to go .,
On the child seat anchorage question
In some markets Saab built them with tethering points on the rear of the back seats so you had isofix plus a strap to plug into this teathering point
Britax do this , so if buying a child seat make sure it comes without this teathering device .
The mirrors They do fold electrically , the electric seats have 3 memories so 3 individuals can set everything up to there requirements ( height of seat position And mirror settings )
I've got a 57 plate vector sport , with a lot of features that were not standard to it
I keep looking around for something with the same spec but there's always something missing .
So I'll just keep mine going .

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What's your budget? I'm thinking of selling mine and not too far from you
Hi C2Kev,
if it's the red beast you're selling then it's probably more than I have in mind. Bearing in mind this is more a toy for me than a family car I'm probably looking at 5k tops.
Anything I can spend less than that is a bonus and can go towards nappies in the near future.
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