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Following much deliberation the Staff at Saabscene have collectively taken action to ban four user IDs registered by one individual. The decision to ban the individual from Saabscene was taken following a sustained campaign of action, by that individual, that was in breach of the terms of SSc's AUP .

Despite warnings, on more than one occasion, the individual persisted in abusing Saabscene for his own personal and business gain.

It is with regret that, as a very last resort, we have decided to ban all four known user IDs of this individual. This is the first time in over three years that we have been required to ban a subscriber to Saabscene.

Saabscene exists to share knowledge about the Saab marque and to promote help and advice between Saab owners and those interested in Saabs for mutual benefit. Individuals or businesses that persistently breach the terms of the AUP are not welcome to contribute here.
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