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Saabscene Acceptable Use Policy (SSc AUP)

The Preamble
Saabscene is not a club, nor is it a social club. Saabscene is a privately owned resource that is operated, by volunteers, for the mutual benefit of its contributors. Saabscene is a place where we come to increase our collective knowledge of our Saabs, the Saab marque and history and other motoring related matters whilst having some fun on the way.

1. Introduction
2. The main areas of the Saabscene community
3. Your rights and responsibilities as a contributor to Saabscene
4. Why have House Rules?
5. The Rules

1. Introduction
Any grouping of individuals with a common purpose, interest or background are held together by the enthusiasm of the many and the dedication of the few. In this sense, online communities are no different from their realworld counterparts.

Saabscene has some very special characteristics, which lend themselves to an online community. Contributors are drawn together by a common purpose: Saab motoring issues. Whatever the motivation the underlying driver is the opportunity to benefit from the experience of others.

2. The main areas of the Saabscene tech forums
The Saabscene community is designed to encourage a range of enquiries and discussions. Each area is characterised by the content and style of exchange and by its management.

a. The Office - Announcements, Saab News items, a Staffroom for SSc staff to discuss board related issues (private forum) and a Customer Service Desk for you to raise issues relating to the functionality of the site.
b. Workshops - any contributor can start and run or host a discussion on a technical Saab topic or question with the intention of encouraging meaningful debate and answers.
c. Car Park - an area where non-technical Saab-related and non-Saab topics can be conducted. This is not a chat area - the idea is that it is an area where people can exchange help and advice on non-Saab and/or non-motoring related topics.
d. Classifieds - an area where private individuals may offer cars and car parts for sale, exchange or wanted. Traders are strictly forbidden from advertising in the classifieds.

3. Your rights and responsibilities as a contributor to Saabscene
As a contributor you are part of the Saabscene community. Similarly to clubs, the main principles of association are defined by the organisers - in this case Saabscene Staff - and the community are run and managed for its contributors - you.

Saabscene and its community is distinguished by these guiding principles, which define your rights and responsibilities:

- You own your own details.
- You own your own words.

"You own your own details" means that, through your profile, you can add or remove your personal details at any time and these changes are automatically captured on the database used for communication between you and Saabscene.

"You own your own words" means that you are directly responsible and liable for everything you choose to publish in the discussions, including third-party copyrighted material, and that you own the copyright and retain the moral rights in what you create and publish. However, in publishing on Saabscene you accept the principle of fair use, which means that you grant Saabscene a perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive licence to reproduce your words or any content of a post or submission that you may make in any medium for non-commercial purposes as long as attribution is given. Equally other contributors can quote your publicly posted words with an accompanying attribution (Posting of private messages or email is not permitted in the public forum). Should you not want a particular statement to be reproduced you must indicate this explicitly with the statement.

4. Why have House Rules?
There are in-built rules for acceptable behaviour in all of us. Online communities are no exception to these rules - however, because the natural visual and auditory clues are missing, we need to be more aware of how our written words might be understood by others.

Our House Rules are here to support us and remind us of the most appropriate ways to engage with our fellow contributors. The aim is to protect anyone who reads or contributes to the community and to help everyone have a fun and rewarding time. They are our rules that any one of us can contribute to and enhance.

When you engage with the community you are implicitly accepting these House Rules, and any on-going amendments, as part of Saabscene's Terms & Conditions.

5. The Rules
Please read this to understand what defines acceptable behaviour in our discussions. Monitoring behaviour can be carried out by any contributor by using the "Report Post" button. Saabscene Staff will discuss the matter and will respond with an agreed resolution to the issue raised.

As a contributor to the Saabscene community and user of its forums you agree to:

5.1 Style
· Not shout at other contributors by posting in all capital letters
· Take care with humour that might work verbally but seems censorious and mean when translated to words on a screen.
· Present opinions and positions in a tactful and moderate fashion

5.2 Manner
· Be nice to each other!
· Exchange ideas in a civil and measured manner and to avoid "flames" (angry, mean-spirited posts)
· Assume goodwill and hold fire on the assumption that most misunderstandings arise from the text-based format of the discussion rather than from negative intent on the part of others
· Practice good posting manners and refrain from dominating conversations with endless sequential posts and self-gratifying boasting
· Learn to listen to written words and the person behind those words

5.3 Content
· Your post should be constructive and add the increasing knowledge within the discussion
· To avoid misunderstandings "txt spk" should be avoided. Please try to ensure your post is legible and easily understood.
· Posts that are deemed irrelevant are subject to removal. To avoid this, please ensure that your post is appropriate to Saabscene - which is a Saab related motoring forum.
· Not post anything that could be interpreted as self-publicity (including spamming, ie: posting the same or similar message in many discussions), advertising (including pyramid selling and chain letters), buying, selling, donating or soliciting (except in the designated classifieds area)
· Not post anything unlawful - for example, sending or posting material that is indecent, racist or defamatory, or harassing and threatening
· Not post anything intended to disrupt or vandalise the service
· Not post any personal details of others, known both in and outside the community
· Not to post frivilous or irrelevant images or other material
· Not post any third-party material that infringes any legal rights - for example, copyright or other proprietary rights
· Not post private email, private messages or any other private material anywhere in our public community
· Keep topics free of discursive discussions
· Refrain from bumping your own topics

5.4 Responsibility
· Accept responsibility for all material that you publish in the community
· Accept responsibility for a discussion you have started
· Always acknowledge the name of the source of any third-party material legitimately quoted or referred to
· Not quote any contributor who specifically requests not to be quoted
· Not intentionally misquote another contributor or Saabscene representative
· Not falsely represent yourself

5.5 Monitoring
· Report any transgressions to the Saabscene Staff by using the "Report Post" button beneath the appropriate post

5.6 Use of images
· Images may be inserted in discussions provided that they are relevant to the topic
· Gratuitous use of non-Saab or non-motoring related images and/or animations is not permitted (excepting graemlins already included in Saabscene)
· It is recommended that images are no larger than 600 pixels wide
· Please be mindful of contributors on narrowband connections when posting images
· It is recommended that you optimise images for the web

5.7 Use of Avatars
· Saabscene is a Saab forum. As such, avatars must be Saab or motoring related.
· Non-Saab or non-motoring related avatars are subject to removal without prior notification
· Avatars should be no larger than 10kb in filesize, please do not use large filesizes that will frustrate dial-up users
· Avatars should be 100 pixels wide and 75 pixels high

5.8 Facilitators
· The people who faciliate on Saabscene give up their free time to help you
· Facilitators reserve the right to amend, move or delete posts where they deem it necessary to do so
· Deletion of a post is a last resort. Facilitators seek to help you share knowledge but there are some circumstances where a post may be deleted if it contravenes the SSc AUP
· Facilitators aim to advise you why they have moved, amended or deleted your post
· We are all adults, so please treat the facilitators as such. We are here to help you and that is much easier to achieve when everyone is polite and civil to one another

5.9 Amendments
· This AUP may be changed at any time without prior notice.
· The decision of the Saabscene Administration, in all matters, is final.

For a full explanation of Saabscene's policy regarding the personal information collected about you, refer to the Privacy Policy.
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