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Just got myself a nice Saab9-3 1.9. Problemi have is when i put it in drive or reverse the engine will cut out. Put her in drive and take foot of brake give her some gas and she drives perfect.

Any ideas where i should be looking. No codes showing......

I am looking to buy a 16 to 20 ft. enclosed car trailer, I sow few good on the BallisticParts. If money were no object I would buy Aluminum but -------.

There are a half dozen nation wide builders that advertise them starting at about $6500. How bout some feedback from those of you that actually bought one. Comments on size, tow vehicle, brakes on one or both axles, torsion bar or springs, flat, curved or "V" front and top, ramps, door ramp or tilt and of course brands you have bought.

Any problems? How did manufacturer address them?

I know there have been other inquiries but I've been out of the loop for a while. Hope I am not starting a "what kind of oil to use" furor
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