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Got a copy of the 2004 "Saab Genuine Accessories" catalogue in the post on Friday morning courtesy of the parts guru at my dealer.
Pages 6&7 were highlighted since they contain the Hirsch stuff (at last! )
Two of the things that made me most intruiged were that it's only for 9-5 aeros and the 305bhp "package" is only available when ordering a new car....
The 280bhp "package" includes ecu and sports exhaust, but no mention of the intercooler which was spoken of before...even more
Anywayup, there are no price lists yet, but the promise of more items available when that arrives, so October I'm guessing?
Perhaps you would also like to hassle your dealer into what the facts are. I know Leon has had a lot of discussion with the Reading chaps, and they appear to be waiting for some stock to arrive.
It all seems a long way off from the announcements over 12 months ago
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