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Saab Salomon cooperation

Saab, the Swedish premium car maker, and leading freedom action sports equipment company Salomon have announced a global partnership in adventure and action sports nearly a year ago.
For Saab, the partnership represents a further shift away from conventional, mass marketing to a more focused, experience-orientated communication strategy. For Salomon, a world market leader in action sports equipment, footwear and clothing, the association further extends its brand appeal, allowing it to accelerate the development of freedom action sports.

The agreement secures substantial sponsorship for international sports programmes and world class teams within Salomon's portfolio of sports in the fast-growing territories of outdoor sports, adventure racing, free-skiing and In-line skating.

The two companies also carry out cross-promotion programmes at leading sports locations, Saab and Salomon brand experience centres and major retail outlets.

Commenting the global partnership, Knut Simonsson, Saab Automobile's Brand Director, said: "There is a natural synergy between the Saab and Salomon brands. We both have high quality, innovative products and appeal to individualistic customers who like to make their own decisions in life, including their choice of sport."

"The structure of our partnership allow us scope to develop what we call 'experience marketing'. Brand exposure at international and national level are followed up by local interactive events, involving Saab dealers, our sponsored teams and opportunities to test drive Saab cars or evaluate Salomon products at the selected Salomon stations where Perfect days are available. We are glad to announce that for this second year, the US market, one of the most important for both partners, will also be covered by the agrement"

He added: "These activities will be reinforced by cross-promotion at retail level. Salomon will feature in many of our Saab brand centres and dealerships round the world and Saab looks forward to offering test drives through a number of branded Salomon Stations. This year Saab has offered to their prospects and customers specially equipped Salomon limited edition véhicles which have gained a lot of exposure…and orders"

Salomon Managing Director, Jean-Luc Diard, said: "We are very pleased with this first year of collaboration with Saab. This is not just down to Saab's uniqueness and quality of its vehicles but the way in which Saab has engaged itself in a very exciting new car development program. These cars have and will have a direct association to those with sportive mindsets and multi-functional activities therefore meeting the needs of all Freedom Action Sport enthusiasts. "

The co-operation between Saab and Salomon became a natural evolution and we have been extremely impressed by the involvement and commitment of all Saab personnel towards these new projects.

Our partnership helps provide sports enthusiasts with a whole series of new experiences be it on snow, in the outdoors, in the streets or on water.

"New cars and new experiences that fuel your instinct. The future looks really promising!"

For 2003, the Saab/Salomon partnership includes:
The Saab Salomon Crossmax Series, from January to April.
The International Saab Salomon Crossmax Series
The X Adventure Raid Series presented by Saab Salomon in Europe and the US from June to October.
In-line speed skating. Sponsorship of an international, professional team, the Saab Salomon Inline Skate World Team – All informations and preliminary agenda on
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