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Saab Road tax - How Much !!!!! shocking....

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just bought road tax for my
Saab 9 3 2.0t - 6 months and it cost me 159 quid !!!!

I was very shocked - I love the car but didn't realise they would sting me for that amount

and I didn't even get a paper disc,,,,,,lol

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Its hardly a Saab road tax, applies to all makes and in no way goes to the roads. Its just a tax revenue for the government.
well, after paying 110 for a year for my seat Ibiza
yeah - 159 for 6 mths felt like a lot
£159.00 for six months that's cheap considering there are cars out there now what with the new tax bands , that have £500.00 +++++++ . Did not you go for the pay monthly option , so if you sell the car you just stop the direct debit , mine works out at 15.00 per month over the year .
friends paying around £500 a yr ved on their impreza..
£15 a month for my 1.9tid vector sport was paying £240 a year for my bmw 330d :)
even my 1.8t convertible is £285 a year (but paying £25 a month) yes a little more expensive but it just means it rolls over from year to year so i dont have to worry about it again until i come to change the car
i put a post up about Saabs in particular using the 2006 9-5 aero manual vs. auto and the difference of some £200.00+ in VED for the auto over the manual. its a lot of money when you look at the value of the cars.

Lot of cheap performance cars about due to this and it always pays to check before buying...

I run older cars (pre 2005) due to the changes that came into place in 2005/6 upping the limits on these cars considerably. my 911/996 costs £225.00 for the year.
i do suppose it does make a lot more sense when you look at older cars, according to they would still offer me in the region of £5700 for mine so to pay £285 in VED or even £500 if i had to, isnt really much of an issue but yes if your car was only worth £500 -£1000 it would make me think twice about having a car in the higher rate VED
Every manufacturer is in the same boat from 2006 onwards for engines that are judged in the high CO brackets so it isnt just a Saab problem.
You pays your money and makes your choice.

The resale values of these vehicles are also depressed so the choice is to keep soldiering on with much older cars or bite the bullet.

I recently purchased an MY08 9-5 Aero Auto as a bit of a project and it will cost me £490 a year versus £285 for my earlier 2001 .........not happy but thats the way it is.........another way to look at it is that it costs an extra £20 a month to drive a car that I really want.

It wont be long before our wonderful politicians start hammering diesels on tax because of egg on face polution issues........but I doubt they will remember to reduce the taxation on petrol engines at the same time :)
Thread revival somewhat, but I have a 2011 9-3 TTid 180 Turbo Edition and it is £30 VED.

Quite smug really, as a pretty brisk saloon with bucket loads of torque can be so cheap to tax, albeit these models were only a short run before they seized trading.

They don't seem to hang around much when for sale I've noticed, had many alerts set up and you had to be quick.
It sounds like you were surprised by the cost of the road tax for your Saab 9 3 2.0t. In the United Kingdom, the cost of road tax (also known as "vehicle excise duty" or VED) is based on a number of factors, including the vehicle's emissions, engine size, and age. As a result, the cost can vary greatly from one vehicle to another.
It's possible that the cost of road tax for your particular vehicle is higher due to its emissions, but it's also worth noting that the cost of road tax has increased for many vehicles in recent years as part of an effort to encourage the purchase of more fuel-efficient vehicles.
Regarding not getting a paper disc, The UK government stop issuing paper disc in 2013, but the vehicle registration number (VRN) will be used instead to make sure the tax was payed. In case you need to prove your vehicle is taxed, you can check the status of your vehicle tax and MoT on the DVLA's website using the VRN of your vehicle. A tax professional or a tax service could help you, clear any doubts regarding this process and any other related matters.
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