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Dear All,
I am attempting to reinstall a parrot blue tooth handsfree kit into my 2000 MY 9-5 aero estate, without having to purchase anything additionally.

I did it before back in 2008/09 following SGoulds amazing step by step But the car was off road following a scrote breaking in and nicking the phone kit, and an engine failure
The car is now back on the road, and I have acquired a second hand Parrot 3200 LS unit to reinstall.

S Goulds piece can no longer be accessed on here as it leads to either a purchase the site holding page, or to an error 404 message (depending on the link).

The car has the Saab telephone connector block (White at the one end) which ends in straight cut cables rather than a block.

I was wondering if anyone had the S Gould piece still avauilable as a PDF or printable document, or if they had a wiring diagram for the colour specifics of part numebr 4811329.

Many thanks in advance of your help.

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