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SAAB MEETING - BAVARIAN FOREST - October 2012 - 94234 Viechtach Germany

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Hello to all Saabfans in the U.K. and worldwide,

I am organizing a Saab Meeting in the beautiful landscape of the Bavarian Forest from 5th to 7th October 2012, the Meeting is open for all Saab Automobiles.

The Meeting is in the "Schnitzmühle" near Viechtach in the Bavarian Forest in Germany. You can stay there in the hotel or you can also camp there.

You should book your accomodation there - the personal is English speaking. If you make a booking you must say that you go to the "SAAB TREFFEN" - this is important for organizing.

Click here to get to the "Schnitzmühle" -

When you have booked in the Schnitzmühle you must also send me a registration form as pdf-document (i will send it to you if write me your email-adress).

For more information and registration form as pdf-document you can contact me by Private Message, please add your personal email-adress.

Maybe someone makes holiday plans for this time in Bavaria or Germany.

For Example the Munich Oktoberfest is from 22th September until 7th October 2012, so it would be possible for you to connect both dates.

Have a look at - a really great location for a meeting!!!

Registration until 15th July 2012.

Maybe we will see in October.

Greetings to all Saabfans worldwide!


Update 24.04.2012:

Saab Meeting Bavarian Forest – 05[SUP]th[/SUP] – 07[SUP]th[/SUP] October 2012
Adventure Camp Schnitzmühle, Schnitzmühle 1,
94234 Viechtach, Germany – telephone-nr. 0049/9942/9481-0
[email protected]

open to all Saab Automobiles and fans of all model years

1. Accommodation:

Participants have to take the accommodation booking directly in the Schnitzmuehle (address see above):

Prices per person for 2 nights
including healthy breakfast buffet
including dinner – Friday = Grill BBQ – Saturday = Thai-Bay (Thai-Bavarian Style)
Free Surf Books and Wi-Fi, free tea and water bar in the Rio Lounge
Wellness Pavilion „Treibhaus“ ...

in a single room / double room in Hacienda = 122,00 EUR
2-Lodge = 152,00 EUR (occupied with 2 adults)
4-Lodge = 112,00 EUR (occupied with 4 adults)
4-Lodge (occupied with 4 adults) = 2 kids under 11 years free – kids 11-17 years 25 EUR/night

Further accommodation:
in a caravan or in a tent (see camping details on the homepage)
important by caravan or tent accommodation: Please make a separately booking for breakfast buffet and dinner buffet

When you make your booking (any category) you must say, that you go to the SAAB MEETING (for organisation). The Nielsen family has Scandinavian roots and is very happy to see many Saab `s.

2. Planned expiration

Friday: arrival, talking about cars, personal leisure, exploring the surrounding area, then dinner (BBQ-grill-buffet from 18.00 o`clock), following a variety of opportunities on the site: Bongos Beach Bar, campfire, ...

Saturday: Start your day with a healthy breakfast buffet, free time, automobiles presentation, then drive through the landscape of the Bavarian forest (maybe little events, stops, visits, …), recreation, from 18.00 o`clock Thai Bay Buffet, campfire, night driving, culture, ...
Sunday: healthy breakfast buffet, outdoor activities (see Annex Outdoor_SAAB.pdf) or leisure, adoption, return home

The exact procedure will be announced on site, participation at the Bavarian forest drive is optional but desirable! After registration the participants will be informed by mail newsletter to be kept up to date.

3. Cost:

Participation at the event is free, for the optional outdoor program (approx. 3 hours) on Sunday will only be costs for participants, (minimum size required, about 20.00 - 25.00 EUR per person) and can be precisely determined after the registration deadline. If you are interested in a little memory of the meeting here also will be low cost (up to 5.00 EUR). Participants are responsible for accommodation booking by themselves.

4. Registration:

Registration deadline is 15[SUP]th[/SUP] of July 2012

You can register using the registration form to me directly by email (scan) or by mai (post office). It will be sent a receipt by mail.

5. Important:

- Please share this meeting to many Saab fans

- The visit of the meeting is at your own risk

- If someone spend the days before or after in the Bavarian Forest Area, I'll give you tips for your holiday (For example: Munich Oktoberfest 2012: 22[SUP]nd[/SUP] of September to 7[SUP]th[/SUP] October)

- Also, women / children / partner who are non Saab fans should feel comfortable at the meeting - that`s why the Adventure Camp Schnitzmuehle was selected for the Meeting

Questions and suggestions are welcome at any time to myself:
Matthias Ketterl, Bergstraße 3, 93466 Chamerau, Germany
[email protected]

Outdoor team program in the nature camp Schnitzmuehle (optional, you can participate or not)

This weekend we do with participants of the Saab meeting in the Schnitzmuehle various experiential education outdoor activities in the beautiful nature of the Bavarian Forest. You see a lot of fun and excitement and learn teamwork in a very original and joyful way.

All exercises are voluntary and are supervised by qualified professionals. It is also ensured that the themes and activities are taught in the required form for the group. Methodology, but also "incentive and fun" in the foreground. The program can be scheduled for Sunday morning and lasts about three hours.

Welcome in the nature camp Schnitzmuehle

- Knots and tying techniques, all together in teams of two
- Various climbing activity, rigging climbing, jungle bridge with mutual backup
- Making fire with natural and artificial aids, particularly as competition teamwork
- Intuitive archery and crossbow shooting, double ax and knife throwing, teamwork
- First aid in challenging conditions, team and group leadership under pressure
- Raft building into two groups and teams crossing of the river “Regen”, competition
- Canoeing in the team for those interested in parallel to this fun program with Wolfi Thies

End time:
reflection and adoption

The catering before and after the event has to be agreed with the Schnitzmuehle. The program will take place in any weather. The organizers accept no liability for self-inflicted injuries.

We look forward to an exciting meeting with you.

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