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Saab Longlife Antifreeze

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Having had the chains etc done recently, the garage had put ordinary antifreeze in. So I thought I would change it for some proper stuff. However, I then noticed a small puddle on the garage floor. It looked like a leak from the nearside of the radiator. Anyway, I toddled along to the dealer, who said that Saab had recently introduced "Longlife" antifreeze, that allegedly never needs changing (at least until a hose bursts!!!). So I bought a bunch of the lovely pink stuff, and after multiple engine flushes to get rid of the old stuff (the last couple of flushes being with soft water collected from the dehumidifier), I added the 4.5 litres of antifreeze, topped up with soft water, and went for a spin.

Now, after a few more uses, I can see no sign of a leak.

So does anyone know if the new Longlife coolant contains one of those smart long chain polymer types of leak sealant, or am I just being hopelessly optimistic and the leak will return by Thursday?
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'fraid not, nothing about leak prevention as far as I can see, this is what Havoline say about their XLI Extended Life Coolant product

1. Easy maintenance
2. No inhibitor level testing required
3. Excellent cavitation protection for wet sleeve cylinder liners
4. Maximum,long life corrosion protection for aluminum, brass, cast iron, steel, solder and copper
5. Improved water pump seal life
6. Excellent heat transfer
7. Reduced hard water scale
8. Superior protection in high operating temperatures
9. Outstanding hot surface aluminum protection
10. Compatible with conventional corrosion inhibitor technologies. (Dilution with conventional technologies will reduce the extended life performance.)

As with all new product advances there are those that advise caution for older vehicles, but certainly it seems advisable to watch out for a brown sludge or gel like apprearance which indicates mixture with the old coolant residue. I see you have flushed thoroughly - so this shouldn't be a problem I guess.

Personally I would still want to change coolant every 2 years - I suppose old habits die hard
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