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It's an article to do with Cadillac, but it's nice to read something from GM that echoes something I've thought for a long time now......

<blockquote>"This time we got into the really fine details," says Taylor, the Caddy general manager, a Canadian engineer who oversaw the development of the original car and the rear-wheel-drive Sigma platform on which it rides.

Taylor points to the "cut-and-sew" process in which coverings on the instrument panel, centre console, and door trim are cut, sewn, and wrapped by hand. This allowed for flourishes such as French stitching. Not in three lifetimes has Cadillac ever given this attention to interior quality. Taylor says this attention to detail adds cost and its is worth it.

"All the manufacturers know the new game in town is interiors," he says. "The exterior is still the hook, but how you live with the product, well, that's all on the inside."</blockquote>

The emphasis is mine.

I've always felt that the interior of a car has got to be a great place to hang out, and it's fair to say that too many manufacturers have concentrated more on the exterior design and left the interior languishing.

It looks like Saab are going to get a mechanical setup that represents some real progress when the MY2008 9-3 arrives later this year. I don't think we're going to see any interior developments to go with it, but the 9-5 that will follow in the next few years should come with a significant development in Saab interiors that will trickle down to other models.

The one thing I'd really like to see when the new 9-5 comes is some differentiation. The last few years have seen Saab interiors get closer and closer to some of GM's other marques. I know I'm probably spitting into the wind here, but it'd be great to see Saabs with a 'unique' look and feel.

The essentials:

The best seats in the business.

My personal experience only goes back to 99's but it includes 900s, 9000s and 9-3s under my personal ownership and numerous other Saabs from test drives and visit with other people.

Saab have always, always had consistently excellent seating. The comfort and the seating position are second to none.



Memo to GM - never, ever change the illumination from green.



Form following function

Design it smart, then make it look good. It's been a Saab hallmark for years and part of Saab's DNA.

Again, don't mess with it.


Something funky

Ok, this is my wish, but I'm really hoping that there's something....really different about the next 9-5 interior. I don't even know what exactly, but when you have a look at your average Saab 99 interior, it'd be great if it could be that funky, but in a modern sort of way.

And no, I haven't lost my marbles.
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