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saab insurance

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is there a specialist insurer for saab?
they're great cars, but the insurance is crazy!
mine is up for renewal next month and last year cost £850 fully comp.

They are one of the safest cars on the road....
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Chris Knott and Richards, Vines and Levy are both cheap. Well I found them to be anyway!

Direct Line have proved cheap for some owners too.
I use Pete Best insurance. The Saab owmers club people. I can not give you their phone number because I am at work but I think Pete Best insurance has a web site.
What, that Pete Best who missed out on the Beatles success?

I'll get me coat....
Another one to try is 1st quote at Dagenham can't find their number at present. However you have to consider age as this does increase insurance considerably. I am 52 and fuul comp on my 9000i is £245.00, and this has increased from last year which was £185.00. also this covers my wife who is a provisional driver ( cars that is, nagging a veteran )
I agree with chris knott devotee's, cost me £850 F.Comp. I did try one out of the S.O.C mag but got quoted £2,100 WITH discount

0 yrs NCB, semi-dodgy area,31yrs young, 2.3cse non turbo.
The price we pay to have fun driving.
Happy hunting
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Oooh, I'm not looking forward to finding out how much my modded Aero is going to cost in March....

My '90 Carlsson is on a classic policy limited to 10K per year which is ok on this at less than £300, and my '97 Aero on a Class 1 business is under £500 both now via Firebond.

Was with CK for the Aero, but I got the impression they were not prepared to haggle - a take it or leave it approach - although I must say their premium was no way near the £850 mark.

So I left it. Their loss.
I'm paying 277 and 274 PA, and with an extra 8% discount for paying monthly by DD for a 91 carlsson and a 93 Aero. Unlimited miles. I renewed in Dec and have just had my first DD's go through (the 8% discount was getting December free).

Cheap insurance can be got.

Try It was the cheapest quote I had at £260 fully comp. CSE full turbo, aged 44 (me, not the car)

I will try the ones mentioned in this thread, as my renewal is due at the beginning of March.
Like Carlsson 986, i have found to be the cheapest for my Aero, being one of them young'uns, these insurance people think that we all drive like the Baseball Cap Backwards Brigade in them Novas!
They were over £400 cheaper than Direct Line or Norwich Union.
Tesco & Co-op also seem to be well in favour with friends, but wouldnt cover me on the car because it was too powerful or something !
I got my Griffin V6 3 Litre "full comp" through Kwik Fit @ £475 full no claims. That was the cheapest and I am 55 with a clean licence who likes to drive fast, (but carefully), hence the SAAB. the other companies. I will try the other companies next time round.
Originally posted by Carlsson 986:
[qb]My '90 Carlsson is on a classic policy limited to 10K per year  [/qb][/b]
Be careful, Classic policies may not generate no claims bonus. Even after four claim free years I couldn't get anyone to acknowledge NCD after I sold my Morris Minor.

My 9000 is insured with Firebond, at a whopping £768 a year
, and it doesn't accumulate no claims bonus as previously stated, being a classic policy. I am only 27 though, and would have looked around but I already had the policy running from my modified Mini and it still had 9 months to run. Direct line were very similar last time I went on their site for a quote, not sure about other companies.

I will be shopping around come August time though. Or selling the 9000.....
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Has anyone found a cost effective way of insuring more than one Saab? I now have 2 and don't want to sell either, insurace costs are the only problem.
Not brilliantly cost effective, but I've insured around 6 saabs per year since 1990 on a single policy or as a set of linked policies within a single insurance company.

This allowed 10%-20% off each car.

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