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I’ve had a guy get in touch with me today who, through sad circumstances, has a shed full of Saabs that he needs to sell. Zal’s father-in-law recently passed away, and he’s been charged with the responsibility of seeing that Dad’s collection of Saabs moves on to better pastures.

There’s only photos of a few of them and they’re bathed in shadow, but for those in the US (or further afield for the really committed) who are interested in vintage Saabs, it might be worth getting in touch with Zal to see exactly what’s available and in what condition.

The full list reads as follows:

1962/1963(?) SAAB 96
Chassis # 156501 with new engine sitting next to car. This car was apparently imported into the US in 1990 or thereafter. The interior is in excellent condition. The engine was removed (sent for rebuilding or exchanged - not sure) and a brand new engine is available with the car. Paint looks like excellent condition (not sure if repainted or original ). Car has been indoors in a hanger for last decade and body in very good shape.

1971 SAAB 96 - 67468 mi - Color Y6H Savanna Beige (?)

Original Paint, Body looks to be in good shape. Not sure what is needed mechanically. Interior is in good condition. Has been kept in Hangar atleast for the last decade.

SAAB 99GL - 1978 Model - 2 door - Coral White - VIN 99 787 000 476
1979 SAAB 900EMS - 87942 MI - 2DR Hatchback
86 SAAB 900S - Slate blue Metallic 2 DR sedan

All three: Interior in good condition, body in good condition, minor rust spots. Not sure of mechanical status (looks to be mechanically complete)


If you’re interested in any of these Saabs, get in touch with me by email ([email protected]) and I’ll pass your interest on to Zal.

He’s also posted these at SaabCentral and I think will be trying out a few other forums as well. It’s not often that a flight of Saabs is found or made available.

Please note that the cars are located in Texas.


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