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So i built my self a sim rig earlier this year.

Ive used a SAAB Aero 9-5 2003 powered passenger seat as my simrig seat, and i got the electrics working an everything.
My issue is that i moved a week ago, and one of the cables i had connected to the power supply got dislodged.
So the big red and the big black wire is stil connected, but i know there was a last small wire that i cant for the life of me remember what collor it had, and if it was suppose to be connected to ground or 12v.
When that wire was connected properly and you connected the seat to power, you could hear a relay click in the seat and every seat movement worked as it should.
Atm when i connect to power, there is no relay click cos the last small wire is not connected.

Ive been trying to find the page i got the info about what the last wire was, but even after googling for hours i cant find that forum post i got it from in the first place :(

So does anyone know what wire im missing?
What color is it, or what number the wire has in the wiring sho. (i cut the main loom from the donor car, so i got the cables from the main loom that i can splice in too, then i just connect that in to the seat socket)
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!
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