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Saab 9x vs Saab Aero-X - interiors

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The recent posts on Saab design, and the comparison between the Aero-X and Saab 9x concepts from a birds-eye view both cught the imagination of some.

I’ve gone looking for other similarities and……well… be honest they’re not that similar. The Saab 9x is more of a utilitarian vehicle. One that they could tidy up a little and actually make if they wanted to. I hope they do so as a 9-1. The Aero-X is a totally mind-blowing eyepopper and won’t ever see a production model that’s remotely close to the real thing.

I decided to post these interior shots, as they’re about as close as the two concpets get. As you can see, the middle tunnel is retained, as is the cool interior lighting ideas. The center consoles are both pretty big, though the Aero-X’s seems to flow a bit more and was certainly a peaceful place to hang out when I got to sit in it.

Both dashboards are dominated by a single-instrument display in the center.

So for what it’s worth, here are the two interiors - the Saab 9x first and the Aero-X following. Click the pics to enlarge.

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