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Hi there,

I'm really hoping to track my Dad's old Saab 96 down.

He sold it in the early 90s, shortly before they had me I think. At the time it was painted green, and the reg no was VSS105M. He was based in Aberdeen/Achiltibuie, and I think he sold it to someone down in Scottish Borders.

He'll be 60 this year, which got me thinking. If it's still around, I'd love to be able to tell him, or even better, if the number plate or car might be for sale that'd be a pretty great present.

If I can't track his one down, I'd be keen to look at other 96s that might be for sale. He loves a project, so I'd really like to hear about any 96s needing a bit of a restoration.

You can get me on my email: [email protected]

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