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Saab 93SE 2003, makes weird sound with you take foot off accelerator and ...

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Hi guys,
My Saab 93SE Convertible from 2003 makes a weird sound with you take foot off the accelerator. I can't really describe the sound so I recorded it and put it online: So it happens after accelerating when you let go of the pedal. You can here the sound in the MP3 on seconds: 6, 26, 30 (the best) and 33. The sounds seems to come from the right-hand side (it's a right-hand drive) where the wind blower is.

Apart from the sound mentioned above, when driving normally, the cars seems like make a wind-like sound from the same place. The weird thing here is that when I step (slightly) on the break pedal, the noise disappears completely.

Are these common issues? And does anyone know what this could be?


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