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We do not take responsibility for any work or method carried out from this guide, you use it at your own risk

The SS Team

Saab 93 Rear Damper guide All Variants

1. Jack car up

2. Remove wheel

3. Wire brush the upper bracket

4. Spray all bolts needed to remove with WD-40 3 E14 bolts on the upper bush bracket, one lower E20

5. Remove bolts ( lower E20 may require heat or leverage)

6. Lock off the piston with a 6mm ring spanner or sthilsons if necessary (they look different to standard saab ones as i did the vectra c mod)

7. Turn off 16mm locking nut

8. Change mounting bracket over to new damper

9. Clean bolts, Copper grease bolts

10. Rebuild is opposite to removal (may need a bottle jack to raise the hub up enough to refit bolts )
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