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I thought I would share with you the updated speakers added on to my Saab 93 cabriolet. 2008. I managed to find some dual coil mid bass speakers are rated at 300 Watts RMS and managed to fit with some modifications to the original door plastic speaker supports.
I've glued the speakers to the original plastic supports there 6.5 inch midbass speakers and sound far better than the originals.

if you wire the dual coils together you get to 2 ohm to go on to the original factory amp but I would advise on changing this amplifier I've put a 75 Watts per channel RMS amplifier in made by vibe and the difference is amazing I have got a different head unit though. The original speakers in the door made by Pioneer are just not up to the job.

Believe it or not I managed to get the speakers for £22 each amazing value I didn't want to spend a lot !
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